Thiruvananthapuram Regional Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Ltd

Public Visit

Provide the right information for the visit

The company needs to provide the information for the visit. This may include:

  • 1. The procedure for arrivals on site
  • 2. Key health and safety issues
  • 3. Instructions on acceptable behaviour
  • 4. Any rules about dress code, suitable clothing and footwear
  • 5. Restrictions on watches, piercings, earrings and other jewellery
  • 6. Any restrictions related to bringing or consuming food and drink on the site

Ensure a good attitude from visitors

Be aware of problems that can sometimes occur with the behaviour and attitude of young people on site. Teachers should be especially vigilant. Try and avoid situations such as the case of students asking workers on a production line they were visiting why the employees were doing such a “stupid job”.