Thiruvananthapuram Regional Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Ltd

Units of TRCMPU

Thiruvananthapuram Dairy is Located on the way to Kovalam 4 Km from the City. The Dairy with a capacity to handle 1 lakh LPD was commissioned in 1992. The Dairy is selling milk in Thiruvananthapuram District except Chirayinkeezh Thaluk.

  • No. of Employees - 287
  • No. of societies pouring - 296
  • No of agents selling milk - 2100
  • Average procurement - 125,000 LPD
  • Average milk sale - 2,10,000 LPD

Thiruvananthapuram Dairy started to collect the entire milk through Bulk Milk Coolers since November 2009.The capacity of the Dairy has been expanded to 2 Lakh litres per day by 2001. Presently the capacity is 3 Lakh litres per day. In addition a separate block is constructed exclusively for the manufacture of the Products .

Thiruvananthapuram is the first "ISO 2001" certified Dairy in the State and Thiruvananthapuram Dairy also got HACCP .

The Dairy was commissioned in 1986 with a capacity to handle 60,000 litres per day and presently expanded to handle 2 lakh litres per day.

No of employees - 161
No of Societies - 228
No. of agencies - 1080
Average milk collection - 87,000 LPD
Average milk sale - 120,000 LPD
The entire quantity of Milk procured at societies, is collected through Bulk Milk Coolers .

Pathanamthitta Dairy Plant is located at Thatta near Adoor in Pathanamthitta district and its present capacity is 1 lakh litres per day. The entire milk in the district is being collected through Bulk Milk Coolers.

No of Societies - 163
No. of agencies - 1000
Average milk collection - 35,000 LPD
Average milk sale - 65,000 LPD

In Alappuzha district, TRCMPU is engaged in the Milk Collection & Milk and Products Marketing Activities. Processing activities are being undertaken by Central Products Dairy under the control of KCMMF.

No of Societies - 218

No. of agencies - 1180

Average milk collection - 65,000 LPD

Average milk sale - 96,000 LPD

Designation Name Phone-Office Phone-Residence
Managing Director Dr. Muraly P 0471-2447109 9447775545
Senior Manager (F&A) Shri.Wilson M.J. 9447254692 9447254692
Asst. Manager (Marketing) Smt. Jaya Raghavan - 9446056114
Asst. Manager (HRD) Dr. Shiras A - 9446414418
Asst.Manager(PROJ) Shri.Sandesh - 9061498267
Asst. Manager (P&I) Dr. Sreejith J R - 9495831962
Asst. Manager (Production/Planning) , HoD (MIS&Systems) Shri.Shine Joseph - 9497004519
PS To Managing Director Smt.Bindu P. Nair - 9387831148
Designation Name Phone-Office Phone-Residence
Senior Manager i/c Smt. Jessy R S - 9895969524
Manager (Finance) Shri. Biju M 8547869106
Manager (HRD & ADM) Shri. Firosh Murali 9447503966
Asst. Manager (P&I) Dr.Sreejith Jayachandran 9847291944
Asst. Manager (Production) i/c Shri.Jini G K 9847396044
Technical Officer (Products) i/c Shri. Kumar Sreejith Sreerangan 9745766532
Manager (marketing) Shri. Rajesh G 9447500591
Dairy Engineer (Engineering) Shri. Ajith Kumar S G 9495200536
Dairy Engineer (P&S) Shri Sreejith K T 9446424886
Designation Name Phone-Office Phone-Residence
Dairy Manager Shri.Muhammad Ansari C A 0474-2792746 9074447299
Asst. Manager (F&A) Shri. Santhosh A C - 9497768633
HRDO Shri. Pradeep Kumar K N - 7907603053
Asst.Manager (P & I) Dr. Sooraj K J - 9496637622
Manager (Production) Shri. Shaji Chacko - 9388141441
Asst.Manager(Q A) Smt.Sindhu S - 9495076960
Dairy Engineer Shri.Ajith Kumar S G - 9387837376
Marketing Officer Shri.Dinesh R - 9495432014
Asst. Dairy Engineer (P&S) Shri. Shivadasan K 9497758956
Designation Name Phone-Office Phone-Residence
Dairy Manager Dr.R K Samuel 0468-2350801 9495432156
Asst. Manager (F&A) Shri. Harikrishnan R - 9947651140
AHRDO Smt. Saji V A - 9446381902
Asst. Manager (P&I) Dr. Gireesh Krishnan - 9446942462
Asst. Manager (Production) Shri. Jayachandran Nair K - 9847795285
Asst. Manager (Engineering) Shri. Rahul D M - 9497269792
Quality Assurance Officer Smt.Chithra K S . - 9747007771
Asst. Manager (Marketing) i/c Shri. Premanandan R 9447791114
Designation Name Phone-Office Phone-Residence
Manager Shri.Suresh Kumar B 0477-2286935 9446476717
Marketing Officer Smt.Anoosha T A 9447280803
Asst. Finance Officer Shri. Sreeraj r 9747488118
Designation Name Phone-Office Phone-Residence
Asst. Manager (P&I)i/c Dr.Ajiraj 0479-2312562 9447993618