Thiruvananthapuram Regional Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Ltd


The primary objective of the Union is to procure marketable surplus milk produced by the dairy farmers affliated to the primary dairy co operatives functioning in the area of operation of the Union. The Union is procuring approximately 3.90 lakh litres per day from nearly 1100 primary societies. The milk collection is exclusievly routed through 87 Bulk Milk Chilling Centres installed across the four districts for ensuring microbial quality of milk. The Union is committed to provide technical and financial assistance to the primary dairy co operatives as well as the dairy farmers in the form of various wellfare and developmental schemes inorder to sew up sustainable dairy farming.   



TRCMPU is selling approximately 5.75 lakh litres of fluid milk per day. The major variants are "TONED", "DOUBLE TONED" and "RICH". The Union has engaged more than 8000 agents, 45 whole sale dealers for the marketing activities. 5 marketing hubs are in operation to ensure availability of milk and milk products in every nook and corner. We are in the process of establishing outlets in primary dairy co operatives for exploring the rural market.  




The department undertakes all research and development activities for unfolding new products in accordance with the dynamic consumer taste and demand. The department controls the entire functions of the  dairy plants  strictly following food sdafety management system guidelines. The department is committed to bring the upmost quality products to the consumers through cutting edge technologies.



The Union functions as the End Implementing Agency of various dairy development schemes funded by the State and Central Government agencies. The projects department is responsible for formulation, implementation and monitoring of these schemes. Also the department provides entire technical support to the three modern dairy plants under the Union  



Finance and Accounts Department is responsible for fund managements, accounting, auditing, etc.


The department of Quality assurance plays a vital role in perpetuating industry leading quality paramters to each and every product strictly in adherense with FSMS guidelines. All the three dairy production units under the Union are  accredited with ISO 22000: 2018.


HRD & Administration

The department of HRD & Administration ensures effective utilisation of the human resources available with the organisation. the department is committed to keep the man power motivated, efficient and skilfull thorugh continuous trainings and development programmes.