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How Milk Helps Fight Common Cold & Influenza
Dec 21, 2022
Dec 21 2022

How Milk Helps Fight Common Cold & Influenza

By: Krishna

Though beautiful, the monsoon has gone stranger in Kerala than ever, with more than half the population catching cold at some point. The common cold leads to more irritable circumstances; keeping one away from school, office or other leisure activities. 

Did you know that your diet and lifestyle can keep the cold away for good measure? That’s what this blog is about. 


Fighting The Cold


Our immune system resists illnesses like influenza and colds. As long as the immune system is supported, one can keep themselves and others around them healthy. A healthy diet and lifestyle ensures ample support for the immune system which subsequently keeps illnesses at bay. 


Positive lifestyle habits include adequate sleep, reduced stress levels, staying hydrated, proper nutrition and more. Speaking of nutrition, there are many food choices with a rich supply of immune-boosting nutrients. 


And among them, at the top, is a plain glass of milk. 


The Natural Wellness Drink


Ever wonder why Milma is so popular in Kerala? Because we are synonymous with pure milk, a testament to Kerala’s love for milk. And that’s because our ancestors taught their next generations that milk is essentially a wellness drink from nature. 


Here’s how milk helps fight the common cold. 


Milk is a rich source of protein and contains essential amino acids. These nutrients aid tissue repair and are considered the building block of all cells in the body including immune cells. Apart from proteins, milk also contains 12 essential nutrients including Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Selenium which give a considerable boost to the immune system. No other beverages in the market can compare to the nutritional value of a pack of milk. Additionally, the naturally occurring electrolytes in milk also make it a great hydrator as it can keep you hydrated longer.


Most other beverages need to be consumed the way they are. That’s not the case with milk, as you already know. Milk can also be used as a key ingredient for quite a lot of recipes including thick shakes, smoothies, ice creams, sweets, cakes and more. You may know people who don’t like drinking milk but love milkshakes and ice creams. As long as its nutritional value is intact, milk can be consumed in any form availing all of its many health benefits. That said, you can browse our blogs for milk-based recipes and more information on the nutrition from milk and dairy-based products.


Include a glass of milk at breakfast in any form you want and you will notice positive changes in your health. As always, Milma will continue to serve nutrition to Kerala in the form of high quality dairy products.


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