The Units of TRCMPU

Thiruvananthapuram Dairy

Thiruvananthapuram Dairy is Located on the way to Kovalam 4 Km from the City. The Dairy with a capacity to handle 1 lakh LPD was commissioned in 1992. The Dairy is selling milk in Thiruvananthapuram District except Chirayinkeezh Thaluk.
No. of Employees - 287
No. of societies pouring - 340

No of agents selling milk - 2100
Average procurement - 100,000 LPD

Average milk sale - 2,10,000 LPD

Thiruvananthapuram Dairy started to collect the entire milk through Bulk Milk Coolers since November 2009.The capacity of the Dairy has been expanded to 2 Lakh litres per day by 2001 Now it is proposed to expand the capacity to 3 Lakh litres per day. In addition a separate block for manufacture of Products is proposed to be constructed.

Thiruvananthapuram is the first "ISO 2001" certified Dairy in the State and all steps have been initiated to get HACCP for Thiruvananthapuram Dairy.

Kollam Dairy

The Dairy was commissioned in 1986 with a capacity to handle 60,000 litres per day and subsequently expanded to handle 1 lakh litres per day.
No of employees - 161
No of Societies - 336
No. of agencies - 1080
Average milk collection - 50,000 LPD
Average milk sale - 120,000 LPD

Quantity processed and supplied to paathnamthitta unit-45000 lpd At present 18,000 litres milk is collected through Bulk Milk Coolers and the remaining quantity in Cans. Presently the milk marketed in Pathanamthitta district is supplied from Kollam Dairy, in pasteurized, standardized condition.
Pathanamthitta Dairy

A New Dairy Plant with 60,000 litre capacity is constructed at Thatta near Adoor in Pathanamthitta district and is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2009. Presently there is a 30,000 litres Chilling Plant in the district . Milk is also packed there at present. These facilities will be decommissioned when the new Dairy Plant is commissioned. Now the entire milk in the district is being collected through Bulk Milk Coolers.

Alappuzha District
In Alappuzha district, 60,000 Litres per day dairy constructed under O.F II has been expanded to 1 Lakh litres per day which is managed by KCMMF. Milk Procurement and marketing activities are carried out by Union. There is also a Chilling Plant with 30,000 Litres capacity in the district.

    Details of Staff,Senior Officers Name & Contact Nos. Head Office , TRCMPU

    Designation Name Phone-OfficePhone -Residence
    Managing Director Sri.K.S.Vijayakumar0471-24484890471-2356494/
    Manager (P&I) Dr.K.N.SatheeshDo9895045950
    Senior Manager (Maint) Sri.K.R.Suresh Chandran Do9446577626
    Manager (Maint) Sri.M.SivarajDo9447698993
    Senior Manager (Marketing) Sri.R.SureshkumarDo9447186935
    Manager (HRD) Sri.R.Sivadasan NairDo9847066180
    Manager (F&A) Sri.G.KrishnalalDo0471-2721502
    Officer (MIS/Systems) Sri.Sarathchandrababu Do9387004022
    PA To MD Smt.PadmakumariDo0471-2364815
    Details of Staff,Senior Officers Name & Contact Nos. Thiruvananthapuram Dairy, Ambalathara
    Designation Name Phone-OfficePhone -Residence
    Senior Manager Sri.Kuriakose Zachariah 0471-23817129895159715
    Manager(QC) Dr.V.S.UnnikrishnanDo8547931200
    Manager(HRD) Sri.K.R.PolachanDo9497272758
    Manager(P&I) Dr.John.C.D.LewisDo9656102047
    Manager(Marketing) Sri.K.SathyanarayananDo0471-2472008,
    Manager(F&A) Sri.WilsonDo---
    Manager(Maintenance) Sri.G.George Thomas Do9496316222
    Details of Staff,Senior Officers Name & Contact Nos. Kollam Dairy, Thevally
    Designation Name Phone-OfficePhone -Residence
    Manager Sri. T.Sreenivas0474-27927469447583361
    Manager(Marketing) Sri.K.K. SureshkumarDo9946838460
    Manager(Prodn) Sri.Benjecob SinghDo--
    Manager(P&I) Dr.P.MuraliDo9447775545
    Manager(F&A) Sri.A.K.Madhusoodhanan Nair Do9495075424
    Manager(QC) Sri. K.N.Jayaprakash2794556/ 2794884/ 2794904/ 27979919447472023
    Asst.Manager(HRD) Sri.Firosh MuraliDo0474-2761782,
    Asst.Manager(S&P) Sri.--Do0474-2764651,
    Dept.Engineer(Maintenence) Sri.K.R.AjithDo--
    Officers Name & Contact Nos. Pathanamthitta Dairy Site,Mammodu
    Designation Name Phone-OfficePhone -Residence
    Manager Sri.G.Hariharan0468-23508019447259819
    Asst.Manager(Maintenence ) Sri.C.Viswan0468-23500899446190827
    Asst.Manager(Mktg ) Sri.Keerthinadhan Nair0468-23500999446853483
    Asst.Manager(P&I ) Sri.Sureshkumar0468-2350099--
    Accounts Officer Sri.A.C.Santhosh0468-23500999497768633
    Quality Controll Officer Smt.Sindhu.S0468-23500999495076960
    Details of Officers Name & Contact Nos. Marketing Cell,Punnappara,Alappuzha
    Designation Name Phone-OfficePhone -Residence
    Asst.Manager Sri.B. Suresh Kumar0477-22869350477-2214392,
    Details of Officers Name & Contact Nos. P&I Unit , Mannar
    Designation Name Phone-OfficePhone -Residence
    Asst. ManagerDr. Gee George0479-2312562 8281077717
    MPO Smt.Bhagyalakshmi0479-2312402--