Union Conduct various socio economic development programs for milk producers and the Dairy Co-operative Societies including artificial insemination program, provide emergency veterinary service to milk producers through Milk Co-operative Societies, Quality improvement program,etc.

          -	Building grant to Dairy Co-operative Societies.

          -	As part of the modernization of DCS Union has established 
                180 numbers of Automatic Milk Collection Units in DCS.

          -	The heifer adoption programme is proposed to be implemented in
                four districts of our Union.  Societies giving maximum quantity
                of milk to the Dairy shall be preferred.  Amongst these societies
                of farmers per district giving maximum amount of milk to the society
                are to be concerned.  The selection of the heifer shall be based on 
                the body weight attained for the age as well as other desirable 
                physical characteristics.  This scheme will be continued for a period 
                of one year.