Union renders services of varied types to the farmers for their welfarw and enhancement of Milk Production. As per Calf adoption scheme of the Union,a sum of Rs. 1 Crore 37 Lakhs is being spent in the four districts during the year 2009-10. For Fodder development Union gives financial aidance to the farmers.Similarly financial support is extended for Cattle feed Subsidy for a sum of Rs.30 Lakhs,Cattle feed Supply for Mini Dairy Schemes,Cattle insurance for Milch animals and Free Dewormer to Mirch animals. In addition Benevolent fund scholarship to farmers' children , Cattle Insurance Treatment facility to the cows are also provided

          -	Insurance coverage to milk producers against natural death and 
                                                                accident death.

          -	Benevolent Schemes for bereaved families of active members.

          -	Scholarship for higher education to the children of milk producers.

          -	Production incentive and summer incentive. 	
          -	Revolving Fund to Societies for providing interest free loan to 
                                       farmers for the purchase of milch animals.

          -	Quality improvement program.

          -	Calf adoption programme to increase milk production.

          -	Heifer Adoption Scheme.

          -	Free Cattle Feed for Mini Dairy Farms.

          -	Insurance Subsidy for Milch animals.

          -	Subsidy for Milking machine.

          -	Cattle Feed Subsidy to milk producers.