Butter is made of by churning Cream. It contains 80% fat.Both Salted and Unsalted Butter packs are available.

Butter is sold from TRCMPU in 100 gm, 200 gm and 500 gm packs

The above are available in salted and unsalted flavour.

In addition butter packs in 5 Kg and 15 Kg are sold from TRCMPU
As butter is a natural product, its performance in cooking and baking is unique. It can naturally enhance food flavour .Usually it provides a creamy texture to the dishes.
Butter, like all foods, can be incorporated into a healthy and moderate diet. It is suggested to have one serving with one teaspoon of butter.
Milma Curd is available in 500 ml sachets ,it is more tastier and is prepared under strict hygeinic conditions!

In Butter, Salt acts as a preservative and adds flavor to butter.

Lightly salted butter is sometimes called "sweet cream butter," and is best used as a table butter

Unsalted butter,also regarded "sweet butter," but is used mainly for baking.

Unsalted and salted butter can generally be substituted for one another for cooking purpose.