Curd & Sambaram

Milma Curd is available in 500 ml sachets ,it is more tastier and is prepared under strict hygeinic conditions!
  • Milk that has been left to sour (raw milk alone or pasteurized milk
  • with added lactic acid and bacteria ) will also naturally produce curds
  • Curds is essentially a vegetarian preparation using yeast to ferment
  • the milk.Curd is found more nutritious than milk.
  • In South India, it is common practice to finish any meal with curd
  • Sambaram ,a good Health drink

               It is a very nutritious drink and can be used in place of softdrinks.
               It is very cheap and is very natural. No artificial additives are used in it.
               Only natural ingredients like Green chilly,Ginger and Curry leaves are used.
               It is available in 200 ml sachets and 500 ml bottles.